Learning Objectives that Improve Business Outcomes

I help clients identify the business outcomes or behavior changes they want to achieve and then design training to ensure those goals are realized.

I will work with you to:
  • Identify the real business objectives and performance targets desired
  • Identify the learning objectives and key performance indicators tied to your business goals
  • Develop learning activities to meet objectives (always based on what the participant needs to do, not what they need to know).

My goal is to create learning that uses scenarios, storytelling and technology to engage participants and allow them to practice new skills in ways that will easily transfer to their jobs and to their lives.

Self-Paced Learning

Self-Paced Learning based in Psychology, Adult Learning Theory and Neuropsychology

I create practical, actionable training that is based on how adults learn best and how the brain works to assimilate new information. This means that I focus on learning outcomes and behavioral change through content instead of the bells and whistles of eLearning, taking into account user interface, self-efficacy, practice and learning from mistakes.

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