So, today, was my graduation day.  This blog is a thank you note to everyone who has helped this person who grew up a generation or two away from ‘Generation Z’. A year and a half ago, I was wondering why on earth I would want to join in on Twitter LinkedIn Facebook and how on earth to start promoting the interactive Dreamweaver course that I had so painstakingly put together. I went to an e-learning conference put on by the elearning guild and to the Voices that Matter conference on web design and realized that I was completely out of the loop when it came to social networking. I had to ask ‘what is web 2.0’! It seemed a revolution had happened. Actually I did buy the book Twitter Revolution. But all I really needed to do is create a twitter account and just dive in. Sceptically, I went ahead and created a twitter account, started joining groups on LinkedIn, created what used to be called a Facebook Fan page (are we allowed to call them that still?) and started sending my tweets out to the twitterverse. I even started a radio program on Blog Talk Radio. Lo and behold, someone heard that I was in the final stages of creating my course and we started a conversation. I ended up with a very literate person interested in beta testing the course.  Believe me when I say that anyone who takes the course now benefits from that encounter. I also discovered the hash tag and I now look forward to Thursday evenings and #lrnchat.

But today things came together on a bigger scale. Having participated in a discussion on LinkedIn I hooked up with a fellow from Brunei who has a web site that he contributes to daily, and I offered to interview him on my Blog Talk Radio (BTR) show.  We made all the arrangements and when my on air introduction was done, he wasn’t there, but there were quite a few of his fans in the Blog Talk Radio chat room.  One of the people there was able to contact him via twitter and he was able to join in the chat even though he could not get on air. We decided to do another show right then and there and after some additional technical problems we finally were able to broadcast our conversation live. The chat was happening on the BTR show, the tweets were going and it all started from a discussion on LinkedIn. So for me that is a kind of a milestone and I cannot help but sit back and think about how far I’ve come with it all. And I’d like to give a shout out to thank everyone who participated not just in the talk show today, but everyone along the road to my becoming a little more web 2.0 savvy for your encouragement and support.